Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Translations, supplements, and extensions

Thanks to kind volunteers and supporters, some translations are under way and some are complete. Some are directly translating the book as it stands. Others have added additional translated content (eg Germany-related materials for a German edition).

What's new: (Mon 28/7/14) Indonesian translation of synopsis! (see below)

What's new: Chinese translation available from amazon.cn

What's new: (Sat 24/5/2014) Italian translation! (see below)

Simplified Chinese chinese Chinese translation available from amazon.cn Thank you to the Chinese Academy of Sciences for organizing the translation and publication!
Synopsis SEWTHA in chinese (download pdf) (3.8M) Thank you to Paul Wang, Carlos Chau and Yanqin Wu. A full translation was published in 2013 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Deutsch deutsch Übersicht [Synopsis] (pdf) (1M) Danke, Robert Gieseke, für die Deutsche Übersetzung!
Das ganze Buch - 'Nachhaltige Energiegewinnung - ohne die heiße Luft' pdf (12M) Danke, Thomas F. Kerscher, für die Deutsche Übersetzung!
Auflage 2: 'Nachhaltige Energiegewinnung - ohne die heiße Luft - Daten für Deutschland' [einzelne Kapitel] pdf (13.5M) Nochmals vielen Dank, Thomas F. Kerscher!
Deutsch - Österreich (Austria!) austria 'Nachhaltige Energiegewinnung - ohne die heiße Luft - Daten für Österreich' pdf (16M) Danke, Dominik Stelzen!
Polski polski The whole book - Zrównoważona energia — bez bicia piany Part I (pdf) | the rest of the book in PDF files Thank you, Marcin Popkiewicz! (Also available from eko.org.pl [HTML and PDF format] and ziemianarozdrozu.pl [HTML and PDF format], and available on paper ISBN 978-83-923848-1-6) 9788392384816
Italiano italiano Synopsis (12 pages) Energia sostenibile – senza aria fritta postscript (3.2M) | pdf (1.7M) Thank you to Alessandro Pastore and Stefano Chesi!
The whole book (431 pages) - prima revisione Energia sostenibile - senza aria fritta low-resolution pdf (22M) | high-resolution pdf (32M) Thank you to Alessandro Pastore, Javier Oca, Valentina Rossi, Alberto Marcone, Paolo Errani, and Simone Gallarini!
Francais francais Synopsis (10 pages) L'énergie durable - pas seulement du vent! pdf (1.1 M) Thank you Jean-Pierre Levraud (Institut Pasteur), Sandou Moussa (EPFL), and Jean-Yves Le Boudec (EPFL)!
The Whole Book - available on paper from amazon uk, amazon.fr, fnac, L'énergie durable - pas que du vent! pdf (11 M) | buy from amazon.co.uk translation provided by AMIDES www.amides.fr - thank you!
Espanol Sinopsis (10pp) "Energía Sostenible - sin palabrería" [PDF 1.3M] Translated by UK embassy in Spain - thank you, foreign office!
Indonesian Synopsis (11pp) "MARi BiCARA ANGKA, BUKAN 'KATANYA' - Energi Lestari ­ Tanpa Cakap Angin" [PDF] - thank you Pionir books!
New Zealand kiwi "A SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FUTURE FOR NZ (WITHOUT THE HOT AIR)" by Phil Scadden and Oliver Bruce Read this "Translation" for New Zealand in a sequence of Blogs - or download the pdf version
Australian strine Australian Sustainable Energy by the numbers [free PDF] Translated by Peter Seligman and hosted on the Melbourne Energy Institute website [further information].
See also Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan (ZCA2020) from The University of Melbourne Energy Research Institute
American american "Visualizing Sustainable Energy for the USA" [PDF 1M] 3 pages by David MacKay
Nederlands dutch Overzicht [Synopsis] (pdf) (1.7 M) translation provided by Delft Energy Initiative
De Energievoorziening van Nederland (booklet) A Translation for the Netherlands situation, in Dutch, by Delft Energy Initiative (2010)
Slovak slovakia Review, and complete translation
(download pdf) (13M)
Many thanks to Alexander Ac [acalexATusbe.cas.cz] for organizing this!
Slovene slovene Slovene translation published on paper and available for download (58M PDF) from UK download PDF from en-lite.si (December 2013)
Thank you to EN-LITE, U. Mariboru, Consensus, the British Embassy in Ljubljana, the Republika Slovenija Ministry of Infrastructure, and Energetika!
Magyar [Hungarian] hungarian Fenntartható energia — mellébeszélés nélkül [Synopsis] (3.2 M) A könyv fordítását Dr. Both Előd készítette, a magyar kiadást a Vertis Környezetvédelmi Pénzügyi Zrt. gondozza. The whole book has also been translated and published in Hungary. [libri.hu]|facebook| Thank you, James Atkins and Vertis!
ISBN: 978-963-2795-75-1 EAN: 9789632795751
український (Ukrainian) ukraine Synopsis (download pdf) (1.2M) Thank you to Andriy Kopets! (I believe that a full translation is on the way too.)
Japanese japan 持続可能なエネルギー—「数値」で見るその可能性 [単行本] translated by Katsunori Muraoka SEWTHA-JapaneseCover

Anyone wanting to make translations of the book as a volunteer or professionally, do get in touch with my publisher. There is an email list for translators.

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