Perhaps you will conclude that a viable plan has to involve less power
consumption per capita. I might agree with that, but it’s a difficult policy
to sell – recall Tony Blair’s response (p222) when someone suggested he
should fly overseas for holidays less frequently!

Alternatively, you may conclude that we have too high a population
density, and that a viable plan requires fewer people. Again, a difficult
policy to sell.

Notes and further reading

page no.

206Incinerating 1 kg of waste yields roughly 0.5 kWh of electricity.
The calorific value of municipal solid waste is about 2.6 kWh per kg; power
stations burning waste produce electricity with an efficiency of about 20%.
Source: SELCHP tour guide.

207Figure 27.3. Data from Eurostat,, and www.esrcsocietytoday.

210The policies of the Liberal Democrats. See [5os7dy],