Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

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29 Dec 2009
Telegraph names David MacKay one of 25 'notable Britons of the year, 2009'
BBC News
UK 'could face blackouts by 2016'
An article for the Mail on Sunday [online on the Mail on Sunday site]
An article for the Sunday Times ["Yes, we can solve the energy crisis"]
13 May 2009 - An article for CNN.com
Let's get real about alternative energy (Commentary by DJCM)
28 April - 1 May 2009
Guardian: the Guardian got me to write an article, "Think big on renewables scale"; [it's also available in original unedited form here "We need an energy plan that adds up"] | then Guardian's G2 had a nice feature on the book; and on 1 May, Guardian had an editorial called "In praise of ... David MacKay".
30 April 2009
Michael Blastland, BBC "How one in 1,000 can equal 50%" talks about statistics and 'mixed framing', using examples from "my favourite reading of the moment, David MacKay's Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air". | He also discussed 'every little helps' in an article on 2 April 2009.
Cambs 24
mirror | daily sound
Cambridge Network "Solving the UK's energy problems"
University of Cambridge "Solving the UK's energy problems"
Sun 15/2/09
Washington Post "Can One Household Save the Planet? No, but the planet can't be saved without it." by Liza Mundy

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