Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Endorsements from engineers

David MacKay's book "Sustainable Energy without hot air" is an intellectually satisfying, refreshing contribution to really understanding the complex issues of energy supply and use. It debunks the emotional claptrap which passes for energy policy and puts real numbers into the equations. It should be read by everyone, especially politicians. Prof Ian Fells CBE
Founder Chairman of NaREC, the New and Renewable Energy Centre
This is an example of order-of-magnitude physics at its best: physics applied to the clarification of issues of central economic, social and environmental importance. Prof Mike Ashby FRS
This book is what has been needed for a long time. This is a book which tackles energy from first principles, which demystifies the overwhelming array of information that is published, and which does so accessibly. This should be the starting point for anyone trying to understand the issues surrounding sustainable energy. Peter Guthrie OBE FRAE
Professor of Engineering for Sustainable Development
Trustee/Director of Engineers Without Borders
"What a marvellous book. As a renewable energy business person I would be so pleased if everyone in the Department of Energy and Climate Change, every MP, and every newspaper editor read it." Neville Hargreaves
Oxford Renewable Technologies

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